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Plant-based nutrition & cooking classes

are available in west/central MAINE as well as in VT and NH.

I am portable, so classes can be at your place or mine.



Since we are still living in “covidland,” group classes are limited in size due to social distancing requirements. However, PRIVATE classes in your home or community location of your choice, with your friends and family can accommodate larger groups. As in restaurants, since we’ll be eating throughout class, no masks are required once seated. Once the state lifts these rules, I’ll be free to offer larger group classes. Although viruses and vaccines are not part of my curriculum, I have taken two vaccine courses, and have strong opinions about what’s going on. Suffice it to say that I’m not afraid of a virus; I work every day to have the strongest possible immune system, and THAT is primarily what will protect you and keep you healthy. 

AVAILABLE CLASSES: (each class is 90 min -2h rs; cooking classes include 2 recipes per class)

  • Diet for Diabetes: it’s not about the sugar! Type 2 is frequently reversible; Type 1 diabetics can drastically reduce the amount of insulin they require.
  • Cancer Prevention & Survival: learn which common cancers are strongly diet related & how not to become part of the statistics.
  • Heart Health: our #1 killer is heart disease, yet solutions have been known for decades.
  • Diet & Dementia/Avoiding Alzheimer’s: what’s good for your heart is good for your brain!
  • Gut Health: Meet Your Microbiome – foods & habits that boost immunity
  • Healthy Weight Loss: no calorie counting, no portion control when you eat the right stuff.
  • Employee Wellness Program* – includes all of the above (6-week Lunch & Learn series)

*Employee Wellness Program classes are 60-90 minutes during lunch.

All information presented is evidence-based fact and not anyone’s opinion.



Let me know where I can present this eye-opening Power Point & discussion. I’ll come to you in VT, NH and elsewhere. Let’s talk.


food is medicine
Food is the #1 cause of disease, disability, and death in the U.S., yet nutrition is not taught in most medical schools.
Join us to learn the facts about food, our healthcare system, and how we can all benefit from the Power of Plants.

Note: contact Beth to schedule this presentation in your area.




OSHER at Dartmouth, 3-class series:

Plants for the Win! How a Plant-Based Diet can help Prevent,
Treat, and may even Reverse Chronic Disease

This was previously taught as a 6-class series. This is the same information in a condensed format as follows:

1-4pm at the Lebanon Centerra Co-op (NH), culinary kitchen

  • Wednesday Oct 16: Heart Health and Diabetes
  • Monday Oct 21: Cancer Prevention/Survival and Healthy Weightloss
  • Wednesday Oct 23: Diet & Dementia/Avoiding Alzheimer’s, plus a recent documentary that includes all these topics.Course fee: $60
    Lab fee: (for food prepared & served in class) $20




Don’t see a class in your area? Food For Life classes can come to you!
I can fly or drive nearly anywhere, so JUST ASK, and I may be able to accommodate you elsewhere.

 Let’s talk.

To find Food For Life classes nationwide, click here.