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testimonials_banner Here is what class attendees are saying…


“This course was way more than I had hoped for. Beth shared ideas, info, videos, books with good cheer and wisdom. YES, Everyone in the USA should take this course.”
“Beth has a lot of energy. She is SO present, she is fun – great sense of humor, she is well informed. I can’t think up one thing I’d change!! Truly, she gets an A+ from me. She is living what she’s teaching. An excellent example.”
~ Anonymous, 3 class attendees from OSHER@Dartmouth spring 2018 classes

“In January, I was a 52 year old man about 20-30 pounds overweight and dependent on Nexium.  Several times a week, I’d wake up with acid re-flux and have to sit up in the middle of the night waiting for my dinner to digest enough to go back to sleep.  I went to the gym, but had a hard time making significant progress due to my weight.

I took Beth’s cooking class back in January 2016 and what I’ve learned changed everything!  I’ve lost twenty pounds, and for the first time in 15 years, I no longer need to take Nexium.  

I don’t get acid re-flux anymore because I’m not eating fatty foods or foods with oils that my body just can’t process.  I feel I have more energy, and I feel a lot better about myself than I did before I started!  I can now do classes at the gym with more strength and confidence and I am as fit as I’ve been for years.

Most importantly, going vegan gives me hope.  Both of my parents died of cancer.  My father had liver cancer at 50 and my mother had non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma at 69.  I watched them both suffer horrible prolonged illnesses.   I know going plant based guarantees nothing, but I also know my odds are a much better this way.

I always assumed cutting out things from my diet would limit my enjoyment of food.  Not so… I’ve had some of the best food in my life as my girlfriend and I continue to try new vegan recipes and expand our options.  Most of the dishes are delicious and filling and I honestly don’t miss meat or cheese that much any more.  A small sacrifice to feel so much better all the time!.  

All of these improvements have taken time.  The weight and acid re-flux didn’t go away instantly.  Going with a plant based diet has allowed my body to slowly heal and do things I would dream I could do nine months ago.  Thank you Beth for helping me see a way to great health and happiness.”

~ Martin W., Plainfield, N.H.

“It’s very easy to say, ‘OK, I’m giving up animal based foods.’ But you still need to eat well. Beth has educated, encouraged, and guided me through the process of developing healthy eating habits. She is a tireless and generous advocate of the whole foods, plant-based way of eating, and her influence has been invaluable.”

    ~ David S., Manchester, N.H.

“It’s hard to believe it’s been eight weeks since we’ve been on our diet already, and yet I can’t imagine going back to eating the way I did before ever again. Frank has lost about 25 pounds! I can fit my arms completely around him now when we hug. I’m thrilled and so is he. Thank you so much for recommending this diet, those films, the cookbooks, and websites. I’m using it all. Frank’s goal is to lose 100 pounds in a year. I know he can do it.”

    ~ Anna J, TX

“Beth, I had a physical today. It was the first one I had in a 14 months. The last physical I left with the news that I was pre-diabetic, had low testosterone, and my cholesterol was in check with the help of Lipitor. Also, according to the BMI chart I was 40 pounds overweight. With your enlightenment I was turned on to a vegan diet and the many health benefits about three months ago. Simultaneously, I read about how many side effects Lipitor has. So at the same time I went vegan, and off Lipitor. The results…drum roll…cholesterol is below 200 (however, a good balance between HDL and LDL), testosterone levels are normal, and I have lost 14 pounds without dieting or watching calories. All in all, I feel more in control of my health than I have in a long time. Thank you for sharing your passion and knowledge. For me it’s paying off, and is making a lot of sense!”

    ~ Tom C., Indiana

 (After an Employee Wellness Program at his office…) When we started having Beth come in my blood pressure was 140/92 while I was on blood pressure meds. I’ve been eating vegan (and lower fat, lower salt) an average of 6 days a week for the last six months. Two months ago I stopped taking my blood pressure pills when they ran out, just to see what would happen if I went off. Today I had a check-up. I’ve lost 10 more pounds and my blood pressure is normal, 120/82 with no meds. Two thumbs up!

   ~ James C, VT

Our company has recently had Beth Perera lead us in a 9-week Wellness Program, and it was great! Each week, we saw a video about food, diet and health, with a brief quiz, and then we ate a healthy, plant-based meal prepared by Beth. We’ve learned a lot about food, and how to buy and cook vegan, which none of us really knew about beforehand. The program has led to interesting discussions among us, along with changes in eating, exercise and weight-loss. Beth is enthusiastic, well-informed and inspiring – there are so many benefits to eating this way, and we have thoroughly enjoyed the education. Every company, group and school should have this information and program!

~ Andrew and Bethany Menkart, Brandon, VT |

Great class, and great resource for our community! My husband is a physician and he will be strongly recommending this class to ALL his patients!
~ Trish K., Rutland, VT

 (referring to Kickstart Your Health class)  I’ve lost 36 pounds effortlessly since I took this class with you. And I don’t miss the meat. Doing well with it.     

~ Pat J., Pittsford, VT                                                                                                                

This is the 3rd group of classes I have taken from Beth. I continue to learn on how to be a healthy vegan. She is a gifted educator in this field.

~ M. Brown, Brandon, VT

I wanted to let you know that you have really impacted my life!  I have heart disease in my family and have been dreading what I thought was the inevitable….bypass surgery.  I had heard about foods that could ‘scrub’ your arteries and had started looking around for more information.  It all came together in a wonderful way for me at your first class.  I am by no means ‘plant perfect’ but I’ve been really trying to eat vegan since then.  Having the ability to taste your meals has been really encouraging because it makes the vegan lifestyle a bit less scary and demonstrates that the cooking doesn’t have to be difficult. (and I dislike cooking!)

So thank you for everything you are doing to promote this lifestyle. Thanks again.

~ J. Jarvis, Wilmot, NH